Renew My Church

Jesus Christ calls us to constantly renew His Church.  Renew My Church is the Archdiocese of Chicago's response to His call and our invitation for renewal.
Renewal requires envisioning, planning, and new means to bring Jesus Christ to others. There are nearly 100 groupings of parishes and schools across the Archdiocese. Each grouping will engage in a process to address necessary questions of structure, how to work together across communities within each grouping, and how to establish a strong foundation for vitality through focused evangelization and faith formation efforts.  Supporting our parishes with the best structures enables us to breathe renewed life into our efforts to make disciples, build communities, and inspire witness.

Our grouping consists of St. Ita Parish, St. Mary of the Lake Parish and School, and St. Thomas of Canterbury Parish and School.  Our Grouping Team of representatives from each parish and school has submitted its report to Cardinal Cupich.  We expect to receive a response in late September or October 2018.  We are moving ahead with a closer relationship with St. Ita and expect that we will join together as a single parish in the future.

Please continue to pray for our parishes during this time of transition and renewal!

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

To initiate discussion, the Archdiocese offered our grouping a set of initial scenarios that show potential models of how the parishes and schools could be configured in the future.  The scenarios are based on a set of criteria intended to support vitality and ensure viability.

Video Presentation of Uptown-Edgewater scenarios